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eWaste Awareness Challenge

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Calling all Columbia residents and USC Students and Greek Life Students;

We need your help collecting as many old and used electronics as possible for our eWaste Awareness Challenge.

We are hosting this eWaste collective in honor of our upcoming Earth Day and need your help!

Challenge begins APRIL 1- APRIL 22nd 

Find us at:

* Soda City Farmer's Market (Every Saturday in April)

* Throughout Darla Moore and USC Campus

* Greek Village Houses

with boxes to donate your electronics into!

Our BackStory

In 2022, MSP Disposal did a case study of how many devices were hidden in the average household drawers. We did this by partnering with Bethel-Hanberry, a local school, in Blythewood, SC.

What this school discovered, as they encouraged students to examine their homes for evidence of electronic waste, was that many had e-waste hiding in plain sight.


Among forty students, 210 electronics were collected from their drawers at home.

That would translate to over 1.7 billion discarded electronic device nationwide!


Not only did we save them from landfills, but we've added an artistic aspect transforming the e-waste into beautiful pieces of art, like these...

Through the Bethel-Hanberry e-waste awareness pilot project, we are now looking to introduce this project to 17 schools across SC, to raise more global awareness through recycling electronic waste. This helps create a more sustainable future for generations to come.


In order to be successful, we have formed an alliance with Van Robotics, GRowCo, Sustain SC, and Darla Moore professors that have orchestrated a team of undergraduate and MBA students who will be leading the marketing efforts within the local community and this awareness challenge.


We encourage you to donate eWaste that would be used in this collective challenge. We greatly appreciate all of your donations.


Contributions are entirely optional and not a requirement for participation.


If you would like to donate to our eWaste Awareness Challenge, please reach out!

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