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Our Sustainability Road Map

Whether its getting laser focused on the reuse of goods which lower CO2 emissions or using the same reverse logistics platform to solve world hunger; All of these issues fall under the ESG 17 factors of a sustainable  ecosystem.


Attacking a Drawer Full of Technology

Initiative: 2023

Status: In Progress of Disruption

Now that the team has disrupted disposing a closet full of technology we are getting more focused a drawer full of technology.  There are over 300 million US citizens with this problem and we are about to take it on!

Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 10.27.28 PM.png

Textiles and Fast Fashion

Initiative: 2024

Status: Product Research

Have you ever wondered where all the clothing goes once more affluent markets area ready to dispose of them?

They typically end up in 3rd world countries which don't have the technology to dispose of them properly.

As Fast Fashion only escalates these issues we are here to help! Watch us bridge the gap on overstock which will eliminate importing unwanted textiles over night! 

Electric Car Charging Station

Trouble with Lithium Batteries

Initiative: 2024

​The electric car market is driving insatiable demand for lithium.

But a supply crisis of the wonder metal could dent the world’s chances of meeting its climate goals.

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