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Local e-waste artist teaches elementary students about electronic waste

Contributed by Kristina Murray

Local e-waste artist teaches elementary students about electronic waste

Jamie Blackburn is an artist based out of Columbia known for his abstract paintings. His most recent work is a life-sized triptych inspired by the burden of e-waste.

Globally, there are about 59.4 million metric tons of electronic waste. Blackburn works on diminishing the impact of this waste through his art. His project repurposes old circuit boards, monitors, keyboards, and clock kits. Rather than crowding landfills, this nonbiodegradable equipment is finding new life as art while bringing awareness to electronic waste pollution.

To spread awareness to all generations, Blackburn’s art is being used as a tool to teach elementary school students about electronic waste. At Bethel Hanberry Elementary in Blythewood, Blackburn demonstrated to fourth and fifth graders the impact e-waste has on drinking water by helping students create their own keyboard sustainable art.

As a part of his project, Blackburn has teamed up with MSP Disposal, a company that buys, sells, and repurposes old technology. The partnership is part of The Twelve World, an e-commerce platform seeking to reach true sustainability by promoting and featuring e-waste art online from Blackburn and other South Carolina artists.

E-waste art by Jamie Blackburn

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