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Variety of Old Electronics


recycle your drawers full of technology

Join us in making South Carolina the #1

most sustainable state in the nation!

Our mission at The Twelve, is to develop sustainable software that promotes environmental responsibility by encouraging individuals to recycle electronic devices, one device at a time. 

Did you know there are....

150 Million

approximate the number of homes in the United States of which


of these homes have drawers full of electronics that means there are


devices can be found in drawers around the US and 11 billion Globally


Identifying the e-waste problem

50+ students from Bethel-Hanberry Elementary's 4th & 5th grade class were made aware of what e-waste is, how electronics pollute our water, and more!


Students contributing to the solution

Following our sustainability classes, students were asked to search their homes for old electronics that could be recycled and the boxes poured in!

Our Unique Approach

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MSP Disposal

Our sister company, MSP Disposal has successfully solved the problem of recycling closets full of electronics and is now ready to undertake the drawers full of electronics that more than 350 million Americans own.


MSP Disposal School Program

In order to create a bigger impact, we are combining forces with students of Columbia, SC to spread awareness & look into their homes for e-waste. Prompting the eWaste Awareness
Challenge we have today.


Up-Cycling e-Waste

Using the eWaste collected from students, local Columbia, SC artists are able to create beautiful pieces of art made from all e-waste donated. Together with our community, we are achieving a greener world.


Strategic Partnerships are Vital to our Mission

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Bethel-Hanberry Elementary is a public school located in Blythewood, SC, which is in a large suburb setting. They were the first pilot school to test the ewaste collection project.

Van Robotics.png

Van Robotics

Van Robotics develops social robots that teach skills-based lessons while collecting data about individual users and leveraging machinery.

sustian SC.png

Sustain SC

We are connecting the sustainability goals of business in South Carolina with local solutions for the benefit of our economy, environment, and people.

USC Moore.png

U of SC Moore School

The Moore School's mission is to identify how organizations can more effectively attract, develop and retain talent to drive business performance, innovation, inclusion and entrepreneurial activity.


With The Twelve, reclaimed items will be given a new story!

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