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Part 2: Throughput of Reuse & Waste: A New Way To Look At Reusability

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Imagine going from receiving a pallet of electronics a day to receiving a full 18-wheeler a day? How would you handle that kind of influx? that kind of pressure?

Did a stand-alone solution exist for this? It didn't.

So, what did we do...

We built it, the Auction feature.

Thanks to this pressure of the influx of inventory, we were forced to create the most unique solution around excess inventory-- even for the unsellable.

Though we were selling on eBay, we knew we had to create our own eBay-like platform to keep up with this amount of supply. This allowed us to reach a bigger audience and capture buyer data.

And this is how it went:

This feature went live in May 2022, and generated a buzz with over 20,000+ unique visitors every month.

Talk about interest!

The amount of new users acquired was more than we ever anticipated, and ever growing.

Heading towards over 2,000% percentile compared to Jan 2022.

Our auction site, allows users to get notified on specific product categories that we are selling in bulk as well as filter products by location since we are in various countries.

Our focus in the future is all around the buyer's experience in a global aspect.

Figuring out which countries pay top dollar for used electronics is our obsession.

Smash Rooms

Did you know 75% of all our incoming product is unsellable and cannot be reused?

Our Non-Landfill Policy became very hard to adhere to when we didn't dictate what customers could put in the boxes they send us. This meant that product was accumulating so fast without ways to get rid of it. As our warehouses were filling up, from a 2,000 sqft space to 15,000 sqft to 35,000 sqft worth of warehouse space-- we knew we had to get creative.

So, we gave our staff one week to think of innovative the solutions that would create an ROI for the unsellable items, incentivizing the person that came up with the largest ROI.

Through this internal contest, was created.

What are Smash Rooms?

Smash Rooms are businesses you can go to reduce your stress by taking it out on items such as old computers, tv, etc with various objects.

We realized that Smash Room owners were spending a lot of time sourcing items for their goods. We speedily resolved their inventory management problem by functioning as an endless supply of recycled e-waste, they could purchase through our site at:

We now send out over 100 pallets a month to support this mission and if this wasn't in affect today we know it would be really hard to adhere to the non-landfill policy.

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